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Scott Taylor
Contemporary Artist

Scott Taylor is a contemporary artist that creates vivid works of art for his clients and patrons all around the world. He debuted in 2014 with wall pieces featuring boldly colored abstract compositions and shapes. Since then, he has continued to shift and grow, and has settled into contemporary impressionism. Using almost everything he can get his hands on, from acrylic, to spray paint, to chalk pastels and unique objects in his studio, his projects seem united by a desire to inspire hope and communicate truth.



We have had the pleasure of working with Scott as a teaching artist on several occasions.   He is a student and staff favorite in our building and we love working with him.  We are always thrilled with his charisma and passion for his craft.  He has an incredible ability to inspire others as he shares his love for art.  


    During our most recent exhibition, our selection committee accepted all five of the pieces Scott submitted during our call for art.  Within minutes of opening the show to the public, we realized Scott’s work was getting a lot of attention.  It was no surprise when his work in our show sold out before the close of opening night.  Our members and guests loved his use of color and the bold aesthetic of his work.  We can’t wait to continue working with him through events and programming, and we are excited to see what he creates next.  

—  Heather Duncan, Executive Director of Living Arts of Tulsa

Scott Taylor Signature.png
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